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Cadete e Rodrigues


and Logistics

We work weekly fixed routes to the Iberian Peninsula and the south of France: if your merchandise passes through here, contact us.

Our Process

Best service guarantee


Weekly routes in the Iberian Peninsula

We have trucks running on fixed weekly routes between the Iberian Peninsula and the South of France: in full load or groupage we are able to accommodate the most varied needs of our customers.


Controlled Temperature

We are specialists in the transport of perishables and we guarantee protection in the delivery of goods.


Groupage and Full Load

We provide logistics services that allow the handling of our customers’ cargo in order to provide the best service: the fastest and most cost-effective.

For this we can operate the loads in a complete load system or in groupage: by grouping goods from several customers in a single truck we can present competitive values and delivery times.

All customers are different and all goods have their specificity: whether in terms of transported materials, routes, temperatures.

We analyze case by case and our accumulated experience allows us to provide the appropriate solution for each situation.


Perishables specialists

In the heart of Pêra Rocha Region, birth place of typical portuguese fruit, it is natural that Cadete e Rodrigues has specialized in the transport of food products.

Cadete e Rodrigues fleet is made up of semi-trailers, tarpaulins and refrigerators of various sizes that ensure transport and logistics services: full loads or groupage, with controlled temperature, ideal for transporting food goods.

Given the location of our company, in the center of the Pêra Rocha demarcated region, we have extensive experience in this type of product and other perishable items. But we are able to transport different types of cargo: get in touch with us and we’ll show you the various options.


Our routes

Cadete e Rodrigues has fixed weekly routes to cities in Spain and France.

If you have loads for these cities we can provide competitive services, either in full load or groupage.







Our cars

Cadete e Rodrigues has a fleet of more than 15 vehicles.

We have semi-trailers, tarpaulins and refrigerators of various sizes that allow us to ensure transport and logistics services: full loads or groupage, with or without controlled temperature, essentially for fruits, vegetables and food goods.

Our trucks have a capacity of up to 33 Euro pallets and comply with the latest European Union legislation. For example, every year they renew the FRC certification for their cold transport, to guarantee the highest quality for our customers’ goods.



In Alfeizerão, Alcobaça.

Our equipment and installations comply with the international safety standards currently in force for the transport of goods.


Rua 4 de Julho, 72. Casal Velho.

2460-199 Alfeizerão - Alcobaça



Phone: +351 262 990 407

(call to the national fixed network)

Mail: geral@cadeteerodrigues.com